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The Unbound Self

Transformation Through Meditation

Welcome to The Unbound Self

At The Unbound Self we believe that every individual is worthy of embodying their full potential. 

Allow your body to deeply relax and tap into it's natural healing abilities through the simple practice of Effortless Meditation.

Unbind yourself from stress, anxiety, pain, trauma, fear and conditioning.

Discover who you truly are, beyond the layers.


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Effortless Meditation

The Effortless Mediation Technique is extremely easy to learn, enjoyable to do and the effects within the mind and body can be noticed and felt very quickly. 


There have been over 600 studies on the effects of effortless forms of meditation and the findings are profound to say the least. This technique deeply relaxes your body, activating the para-sympethic nervous system, and creates the conditions where profound healing can take place within the body.

If I gave you a pill that:
Released stress, anxiety and overwhelm

Boosted your mood and energy levels

Enhanced your memory, creativity and intuition

Improved your immunity

Gave you deeper more efficient sleep

Unbound you from pain and trauma
Would you want it?



Weekly Meditation Circles

Weekly invitation to relax and unwind your nervous system as we meditate in community.

Meditation Circles

Join me every week to meditate

with community​

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Course: Transformation

Through Meditation

Learn the practice of Effortless Meditation and become confident to meditate anytime and anywhere.

Learn How to Meditate

Transform your life. 

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Private Meditation Sessions

Tailored private meditations sessions.

In person or via zoom.

Private Meditation Sessions

Tailored to your needs

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Guided Audio Meditations

Get access to a variety of guided meditations.

Listen anywhere, anytime.

Audio Meditation

Guided audio meditations

"No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it"

Albert Einstein

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Start Your Journey Here

Get your FREE one hour Introductory Session.

This session is designed for anyone interested in learning more about Effortless Meditation and it's benefits. Take the first step and discover what IS possible for you!

About The Unbound Self

The Unbound Self is born from the heart of Sammy Walkling. Sam is a compassionate Meditation Teacher who is qualified to teach both guided and self-directed meditation. She has done over 400hrs of Meditation Teacher Training and currently lives in Newcastle, Australia.

Sammy is dedicated to her own personal growth journey, 'The Path of the Heart Warrior' as she likes to describe it. Through transforming her own trauma into light, she carves the path for others to do the same. She holds a safe space for people to transform, heal and tap into their own personal freedom.

Sam deeply values authenticity and self-embodiment. She brings with her an extensive background in teaching/working with children, allowing a vibrant, colourful and enjoyable energy to be shared.

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