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Sound Healing with Tibetan Singing Bowls

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

Singing bowls that are believed to originate from the shamanic Bon tradition preceding Tibetan Buddhism, started to spread across the modern world approximately 25 years ago. Their sacred sounds are now widely used for healing, meditation, and transformation, and the vibrations emitted through Tibetan singing bowls facilitate a holistic, whole body healing effect. This includes improved functioning of the immune system, pain reduction and lowered amounts of stress and anxiety in the mind, body and spirit.

Modern day science recognizes that everything in the universe is vibrating on a particular frequency, and this knowledge reinforces the potent healing benefits of sound. When you are unwell your body’s frequency is out of alignment and is more prone to diseases and illness. Tibetan singing bowls emit vibrational frequencies which cause a sympathetic resonance in the cells of your body. The sound permeates the whole body and it can slow down or accelerate the circulation, stimulate or calm the nervous system, shift the functioning of organs and open up energetic channels in the body. Singing bowls bring the body's cells and organs to their natural alignment and facilitate the flow of energy between all the chakras within the body.

The sound frequencies work on multiple levels of your being and since your body works together as a holistic system, the sound’s vibrations impact mental, emotional and physical disharmony all at the same time. The singing bowls work with many common issues including anxiety, depression, insomnia, chronic pain, fatigue, stress and facilitate the healing of wounds.

Dr. Mitchell Gaynor, a medical doctor who works with the healing power of sound, recognizes the ability of singing bowls to heal physical and emotional illness. He states,

"The sound of the bowls, other instruments, or toning, used in conjunction with meditation techniques, can calm the mind, soothe emotional turbulence, and induce a psychological state of relaxation that liberates us from feeling burdened and overwhelmed. Over time this temporary liberation becomes long-lasting freedom from the oppressive bonds of the constricted self”

His work over many years has supported the powerful healings effects of sound therapy and he was successful in helping to heal his patients with issues ranging from chronic stress, to more serious and critical illnesses such as cancer.

The measurement of electro-magnetic brain waves shows that there are various wavelengths, connected to different states of consciousness. Singing bowls synchronize with your brain frequencies which fluctuate throughout the day. The sounds shift your brain state from the active and waking Beta state, to the more receptive and meditative frequency of Theta. Whilst in Theta state, relaxation and healing takes place more readily. It is the same state you experience when you are drifting off to sleep, which is why it is normal to experience lucid and altered states of consciousness during sound healing sessions.

Healing sessions with Tibetan Singing Bowls are usually experienced lying down in which the singing bowls are placed on or around the body. While relaxing, the sounds will carry you effortlessly through different levels of consciousness which may cause semi-lucid dreams or visual images to arise. Physical sensations or emotional releases may be encountered as waves of energy flow through the body. The overall results of sound healing with Tibetan singing bowls include a deep sense of relaxation, peace and harmony. 

By integrating sound healing into your weekly or monthly schedule, you will quickly notice the benefits to your overall well-being. Sound healing is not a quick fix or cure to illness, but it is a complementary and preventative form of therapy. It assists in maintaining a balanced and centered mind, body and spirit and can also be used in conjunction with other therapies.