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What is Psychospiritual Coaching?

We are all on a journey towards greater wholeness, self-realisation and self-actualisation.

It is important for us to acknowledge the whole of our being and this includes the psyche (mind), the body and the spirt.

Psychospiritual transformative coaching is a balanced, integrative approach which unites psychological and spiritual perspectives in relation to our healing, transformation and growth.

How is it different from more traditional types of coaching?

Mainstream coaching is very much focused around performance and movement towards future goals. This can be problematic because working towards goals or attempting to manifest what we want in our life doesn’t work if these decisions stem from a place of in-authenticity, external belief systems or through a limited ego.

Our true ‘success’ and happiness needs to be based on values that arise from a more expansive, coherent and whole self. First, we need to connect with this core self so that we can be driven by clarity, purpose and meaning.

Conventional therapy or coaching is very much focused on the mind or ‘ego’ part of our self. Our egoic self can be understood as our personality, traits, habits of mind, belief systems and styles of thinking. Focusing only on our egoic self ignores other dimensions of our being and the interconnectivity between these dimension - such as the mind, body and soul connection. This includes acknowledging how emotions manifest in the body as psychosomatic symptoms or exploring the more subtle (energetic) levels of ourselves. These subtle levels go beyond what our conventional senses can perceive and includes the core self that is connected to a unified field of consciousness.

The ‘Core’ Self

The original meaning of the word psychology (which comes from the Greek – psyche and logos actually means the study of the soul. Mainstream psychology and many therapeutic approaches have disregarded the concept of a ‘soul’ or a greater consciousness - that goes beyond the ego.

Mental, emotional or physical issues may be triggered by traumatic or difficult experiences that cause us to disconnect from our true, authentic and whole self. This self becomes masked by our experiences which lead us to feel fragment or not whole. Healing and transformation is about reconnecting with a stable and unchanging self that is always present within us and remembering that we are already whole and healed.

Our conscious ‘mind’ only makes up a small amount of who we are. Psychospiritual coaching and healing works with the subconscious, conscious and transpersonal levels of our being. As Carl Jung spoke about, it’s about bringing the unconscious into conscious awareness.

Messages from our subconscious may manifest as symbols in our dreams, psychosomatic symptoms and we can access other subconscious information by entering altered states.

Carl Jung spoke about individuation where the goal is to connect with the Self and works towards wholeness. This is not about being ‘perfect' but it’s is about recognising all aspects of our self, including the limitations and strengths of our ego. Our egoic self is broken into sections and a different part of ourselves is brought to the surface depending on the context we're in. We are working to integrate all parts of ourselves and bring them together rather than reject or disown them.

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About Jules

Jules has an MSc in Transpersonal Psychology, Consciousness and Spirituality and is a qualified Transpersonal Coach. She has drawn on the knowledge of mindfulness, healing, therapy and psychology in which to form her unique approach to psycho-spiritual transformation, healing and growth.​ Jules is passionate about facilitating people on their journey towards wholeness and helping them to connect with the meaning and purpose behind their experiences.