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How to Navigate the Journey of Spiritual Awakening

Workshop & Talk

Jules offers a co-created  space to share and discuss our personal experiences of spiritual awakening. She offers insight into how we can navigate the many aspects of our psycho-spiritual journey. We will explore the following questions:


  • What experiences have been catalysts for your ‘awakening’ or accelerated your transformative journey?     

  • What is your current worldview about being on a ‘spiritual journey’ and how have your experiences shifted your perspective?  

  • What are some of the ‘road-maps’ that help us interpret our experiences and our ability to navigate this journey?      

  • What tools can we apply to help us to integrate these experiences into our day-to-day lives?


Jules is a Transpersonal Coach and Holistic Therapist who holds an MSc in Transpersonal Psychology, Consciousness and Spirituality. She offers insights into the worldview that we are human beings on a spiritual journey, working towards greater healing and wholeness.


Many of us have had 'awakening experiences' of some sort. These experiences can arise suddenly, spontaneously or slowly over time. They may happen when taking part in activities that involve: dance, yoga, being in nature, breath-work, meditation, rituals, music or through other means of reaching altered states of consciousness. Other times it is illness, stress, burnout, grief or trauma which become the catalysts for our awakening and spiritual growth.  


Within many of these experiences there is a certain element of breaking down the ego in order to go beyond it. These experiences can feel expansive and healing, but can also be unsettling and lead to a disorientation of the self. There is sometimes a period of difficultly or a process that we must work through in order to re-integrate and re-allign with our authentic selves.


We can sometimes reject, avoid or suppress experiences which are confusing or difficult, yet, the outcome of these experiences is dependant on how we learn to navigate, integrate and apply meaning to them.  What if we are able to welcome these experienes closer into our lives? Could we view difficult experiences as an opportunity for growth as opposed to getting stuck within our personal and collective suffering? We will explore some of these questions surrounding the 'highs' and 'lows' of the spiritual journey.